Princess Principal Ending Full 1 lyrics

Princess Principal 1 كلمات اغنية نهاية انمي

Princess Principal Ending Full 1 lyrics

  A Page of My Story Lyrics

If days were not the same
I don't know what I'd do
Imagine me laughing and now
See me walk in the street
Then catch a red double bus
And heaven would find me

I'd go on a float eased up
I smile a dream

Now you know, there is a scene that I
I repeat in my soul
While sippin' black tea and now
Gently touching a tree
Calming hi-beam from the sky
Can free me, I feel like
I'm getting so close
To laughing sweet with everything

Going out on Sunday morning
The light has come
And looking up high
Vanish worries the light has come
I'm going to try for a pleasant "now"

Just a page of life in my story
Sweet and bright



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